Parts Sourcing

tl_files/cms_contents/service/3-hbrand-service-sourcing-supplier-acquisition-200x200.jpgSupplier Acquisition – strict selection of supplier companies

While a profusion of potential suppliers came into existence in the PR China over the past two decades, only a small number of them are willing or able to meet European quality requirements.

Within the framework of our supplier sourcing and -evaluation, H|BRAND successfully acquired qualified producers for European aftermarket companies for over almost two decades already. In close consultation with you, we develop a questionnaire on the basis of which the suitability of factories is assessed in accordance with your requirements as well as current market conditions.

The most important success factors of H|BRAND are our knowledge of local market conditions and the excellent quality and efficiency of our suppliers. In- and outside of the PR of China, H|BRAND cooperates exclusively with highly qualified Level 1 and 2 OE automotive suppliers that have the most important internationally recognized quality certificates and -references.

Only when these main criteria have been met, do we apply the specially adapted H|BRAND Quality Management. We start by visiting the suppliers on site to verify that their daily business corresponds with the previously supplied information.

H|BRAND will also gladly assist you in direct supplier and/or trade fair visits in the Asia-Pacific region.


Negotiation and quotation solicitation

Especially in the Chinese and South-East Asian markets with their different cultural backgrounds, order processing can be very complex and time-consuming.

H|BRAND assists you in selecting qualified suppliers. After receiving a concrete query, H|BRAND provides our customers with alternative offers. These are reviewed by the product managers of our customers. Thereafter relevant bids are returned to us, which are negotiated with the commonly selected suppliers. We thereby ensure that discounts do not lead to losses in quality at the same time.

The conclusion of agreements naturally represents a contract with clearly defined product descriptions as well as supply and payment modalities, the operative processing of which we continue to actively follow and strictly monitor.