Sourcing Service

H|BRAND – Security in the entire procurement process

Sourcing in the Asian region, especially in the PR China, has become almost essential for the competitive capabilities of your enterprise, but it also bears a number of problems that may hinder success. To avoid frustration and losses, you need a qualified partner like H|BRAND, to consider the important factors, (i.e. supplier selection, quality control, and logistics).


H|BRAND – Service portfolio

For the operative processing of your international sourcing activities, H|BRAND is on hand to provide you with a competent network of experts that are always available as contact partners and to accompany you through all phases of your orders.

H|BRAND supports your enterprise with long-term experience across the entire sourcing process in order to guide your purchasing activities in the PR China to the best possible success: starting from the acquisition of suppliers and product sourcing through a specially developed quality management and up to the operative processing. Each module can also be used separately.

You have control over your orders across all phases.

The decision about which tasks should be handled by H|BRAND rests with you – we guarantee full transparency regardless of whether we undertake only individual steps or handle the complete processing of all business processes.


Produktbeschaffung, Qualitätsmanagement und operative Abwicklung Übersicht