H|BRAND - A partner for everything

The speciality of the H|BRAND aftermarket product range lies, apart from the extent of its assortment, especially in the assortment depth. Our portfolio includes a wide range of parts for all leading vehicle manufacturers. It covers all current models as well as the different construction periods for the vehicle types. Our objective is to offer a complete range for each product group.


Brake System

H|BRAND has almost all components for dry or wet brakes in our programme. Because these are sensitive safety parts it stands to reason that we apply considerably stricter quality standards, apart from the usual quality control measures.


Body Parts / Lighting

A relatively "simple" product group as far as the technology is concerned. But it requires more packing know-how, because the container must be packed optimally in order to utilise 100% of the expensive loading space. At the same time, the parts should reach their destination without any damage.


AC Components

Since even the smallest vehicles are requested and sold with air conditioning for some time already, we have seen a dramatic rise in the demand for spare parts in this product group. H|BRAND is able to cover this ever-expanding assortment.


Chassis / Suspension 

As explained under brake parts already, these are safety parts whose suppliers are selected by H|BRAND under strict conditions. This is a demanding task because this eminently broad product range is covered by a wide variety of manufacturers.


Engine / Electrics

A product group that specifically requires a keen eye for detail. Do the technical specifications match? Are connectors and interfaces correct and in the right position? H|BRAND suppliers supply only new parts, instead of the usual remanufactured parts.


Accessories / Tools

A product group that increasingly gains importance, because with full assortments not only spare parts are required. Workshops often request a one stop shop that will also supply them with the tools required for their daily work.