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Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Expands Into China


SAN ANTONIO, Texas – The Alliance announced today the creation of the China Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance (CAAPA). CAAPA will initially consist of five established, well-financed warehouse distributors currently operating successfully in various regions of China that will form the charter members of CAAPA and be responsible for guiding its growth and development. The group will go to market in China under the Auto Value brand. 
John Washbish, president and CEO of the Alliance, said, “Our goal has always been to create a global aftermarket alliance that can take full advantage of both mature and emerging markets. We are fortunate to have found such outstanding partners in China.”
Xiwen Zhang, the general manager of Shanghai Jiapei Electronic Commerce Co. and the chairman of CAAPA’s steering committee said, “The Chinese auto aftermarket is going through a profound consolidation period. As a result, this arrangement among China's top distributors is the ideal business model to assure maximum success.” 
Zhang went on to speak about why he felt joining forces made the most sense for his business and for the group. "The longstanding success of the Alliance in North America is a reflection of operational expertise and management support. Outperforming our competition will be easier with the help and support of someone who has already waged the battles that we now face. We need efficient e‐commerce platforms, a common parts store brand, as well as the introduction of premium-brand products and private brands. The Alliance has done all that and can provide specific help in those areas and others.”
The initial five charter members operate a combined 150 auto parts stores, covering 15 different provinces in China. The members are: 
·      Shanghai Jiapei Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd.
·      Jiangsu CarZone Investment Co.
·      ZCPart Auto Parts & Accessories Co. Ltd.
·      Shanghai Shuanglin Automobile Parts Service Co., Ltd.
·      IGB China Co. Ltd.
Zhang stressed the importance of the Alliance’s marketing and branding expertise. “We are truly excited about introducing Auto Value stores and the powerful brands that come with them.”
Washbish said the impact of this new global alliance is far‐reaching and mutually beneficial. “We are thrilled with the exuberance that this group of progressive business professionals bring to the party. They are incredible team players and are lining up behind our proven initiatives. 
“We are already receiving positive reviews from our many mutual global suppliers,” he added. “They report that our Chinese partners are excited about getting on board with our compliance programs and supporting our brands. It’s a real win‐win‐win.”
The official launch date of the CAAPA, headquartered in Shanghai, will be Jan. 1, 2015. The office staff will consist of Jessie Hu, operational manager, Seven Xu, Della Tian and Daniel Liu.
CAAPA’s headquarters office is at the China Tower, 1701 Beijing West Road, Jing’an District in Shanghai.




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