tl_files/cms_contents/service 2/5-hbrand-service-order-tracking-solution-for-total-independence_300x300.jpgH|BRAND Order-Tracking: Your solution for total independence

H|BRAND customers have complete control over the status of their orders. In order to guarantee them full independence from business hours as well as transparency over the entire supply chain, H|BRAND provides a special service for online order tracking:

With our web-based Order Tracking (OT) system, which we have developed and improved over many years, you can track the status of your orders online, 24/7, and worldwide.

The employees of H|BRAND customers are supplied with personalised access data for this service. This ensures that different departments such as Purchasing, Logistics, or Accounts deal only with those orders that are currently within their specific areas of responsibility. H|BRAND customers therefore always have a complete overview on the current status of their orders:


  • Inquiry
  • Sampling
  • Quotation
  • Order Confirmation
  • Production
  • Final Control
  • Shipping