About Us

H|BRAND Trade Scouts Asia Ltd. has, over the past two decades, established itself in Greater Asia as one of the leading globally active sourcing partner of high quality automotive aftermarket parts from industrial and developing countries. With western standards of quality and precision, H|BRAND assists especially medium-sized companies in achieving significant and sustained purchasing advantages in market segments that are highly competitive and fraught with risk.

The large majority of our customers were not yet active in Asia and found entry into this increasingly important sourcing market only through H|BRAND


H|BRAND – We know where procurement is worth it

Hbrand Purchasing NetworkSourcing has today become a deciding factor in company competition. International purchasing, together with the increasing globalisation of procurement markets, gains increasing importance for business success – but the enormous potential is still not utilised to the full.

The emerging Asian market, especially the PR China, has established itself as an influential factor in the globalisation process due to its rapid economic growth. The improved framework conditions in particular, such as becoming a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2001, hold promise that the People's Republic will become one of the most important industrial countries of the future. The country has become almost indispensable for a large majority of companies as an important sourcing and production site, especially in terms of strategic decision-making regarding the maintenance of competitive capabilities. This requires an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in the areas of market- and supplier analysis, the economy, legal aspects, and intercultural competence in particular.


H|BRAND – Security across the entire supply chain

Especially medium-sized enterprises are reliant on global sourcing at efficient suppliers in order to maintain their competitive capabilities. However, although global sourcing strategies increasingly develop from being a choice to being a survival necessity, they are still not being sufficiently utilised despite the considerable savings potential especially in respect of cost and quality advantages.

International purchasing is an important strategy that must be prepared carefully and in detail. While sourcing in the PR China has become almost indispensable for the competitive capabilities of companies, it also harbours a number of obstacles that must be overcome for business to be successful.

Incomplete knowledge about opportunities, lack of knowledge of the Chinese sourcing market, and last but not least the often negative reputation of Chinese products, presents a not entirely unwarranted inhibition threshold for a number medium-sized enterprises. Western companies complain in this regard about poor quality and transparency as well as long delivery times on the part of Chinese suppliers.

Successful sourcing in China requires perfectly coordinated individual steps. With H|BRAND you have a qualified partner at your side that provide for all contingencies, such as:

  • A stringent selection of suppliers
  • Extensive on site quality controls
  • Efficient (and fast) order processing.


tl_files/cms_contents/aboutus/1-hbrand-about-us-partner-that-connects-300x300.jpgH|BRAND – A partner that connects

H|BRAND supports customers with sourcing know-how to set the right time-saving and efficient course for your cross-border sourcing activities and implements the required steps and logistical processes optimally.

H|BRANDs sourcing activity specifically focus on the independent aftermarket. Through our specialisation we have managed to gain an enormous advantage in comparison to a number of competitors that are active in a variety of different market segments.

The realisation of an optimal supply chain often fails due to cultural differences. To be able to face these challenges in a complex and dynamic economy with confidence, H|BRAND has united the required skills of specialists and country experts under one roof. On the basis of our many years in this intercultural work environment we have perfect knowledge of the Asia-Pacific and especially the Chinese market.

Over the past two decades, H|BRAND has built up, established and steadily developed a pool of serious automotive aftermarket suppliers. Our knowledge of the industry, culture, and country, as well as the particularly valuable Guanxi in Asia - a highly reliable network of interpersonal relationships - provides us with a unique overview of the sector.



H|BRAND – Your road to success

H|BRAND set ourselves the central objective to provide medium-sized independent aftermarket enterprises with a comprehensive service – both for new arrivals in the Chinese market as well as for companies that have already taken initial steps.

This is to guarantee cooperation with suppliers that are the best for your enterprise and so establish a sustainable and competitive value added network.

As a Western company in Asia, H|BRAND see ourselves as a bridge between a traditional market on the one hand, and an emerging market on the other. With our long-term contacts,H|BRAND always make a smooth and successful course of business possible.

To achieve these objectives, H|BRAND has established a unique Service that has proven itself over many years.