H|BRAND ist einer der führenden, global agierenden Sourcing-Speyialisten von qualitativ hochwertigen Fahrzeugersatzteilen aus Industrie- und Schwellenländern.

About us

H|BRAND Trade Scouts Asia Ltd. has, over the past two decades in Greater Asia, established itself as one of the leading globally active sourcing specialists of high quality vehicle spare parts from industrial and developing countries. With western standards of quality and precision, H|BRAND helps especially medium-sized companies to achieve significant and sustained purchasing advantages in their market segments that are highly competitive and fraught with risk.

The large majority of our customers were not yet active in Asia and found entry into this increasingly important procurement market only through H|BRAND.

H|BRAND has set itself a central goal to render a comprehensive Service to medium-sized automotive aftermarket enterprises, both for new arrivals in the Chinese market as well as companies that have already taken the first steps.



The speciality of the H|BRAND aftermarket product range lies, apart from the extent of its assortment, especially in the assortment depth. Our portfolio includes a wide range of parts for all leading vehicle manufacturers. It covers all current models as well as different construction periods.


Quality Management

H|BRAND collaborates only with highly qualified suppliers.  The majority are simultaneously direct (Level 1) or indirect  (Level 2) OE suppliers for the vehicle manufacturing industry, both in- and outside of the P. R. Of China.



H|BRAND customers have total control over the status of their orders.

H|BRAND renders a special service for online order tracking in order to provide its customers with independence from business hours and guarantees transparency across the entire supply chain.